“Living In The Glory” Seminar with Kathie Walters

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Living In The Glory Seminar Feb 22-24, 2019 $30/person for seminar $20/person for 1 day

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Learn to leave every weight behind and fly higher. We are meant to live in the glory and experience heaven now!
Kathie Walters is originally from England, and came out of a powerful South London revival. She and her husband David now live in Macon, GA.
Kathie believes the supernatural realm, the angels, heavenly visitations are meant to be a NORMAL part of our lives.
People used to think that when God did supernatural things it was because He had "special" people He would bless. But now God’s people are realizing that the anointing is in everyone. God wants to manifest His Presence and His ways – all He needs you to do is enjoy Him and believe.
Everything we receive in the Holy Spirit realm is by faith – not by works or by "qualifying." He already qualified you 100% to be "Partaker of the Divine Nature." I really do believe that when you are light-hearted and enjoying the Lord, things just "happen" around you. The glory of the Lord comes – not through striving and trying and getting under condemnation, but by allowing the anointing to make you God-conscious and not self-conscious.
Supernatural Encounters at the Airport: Prophecy from the Elijah List
The thing I hate about the spirit of religion is that it always makes you try and do what only God can do. You find yourself taking on false responsibilities and trying to do things God hasn't asked you to do! I've found that the lighter I am, the more God seems to work around me.
For instance, when I was at the airport (I love airports) several months ago, I wasn't thinking about anything, so I just got on the train to go to my concourse and gate. I got off the train and went up the escalator. When I got to the top I heard a man's voice calling out to me, "Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Walters." I turned around and saw the bartender from the International Lounge waving at me and running towards me.
"I was praying that I would see you today," he said. I thought that was odd because I only see him when I am in the International Lounge. He continued, "I want you to pray for my back, I am in a lot of pain and have to work all day."
"OK, I said. "Let's go over near the Sky Lounge and I will pray for you."
We walked over and I put my hands on his back and prayed – he was immediately healed. "Praise God," he said, "I'll take you to your gate," and he grabbed my ticket. "Oh, you're on the wrong concourse," he said.
"What? I never go to the wrong concourse." I can honestly say that almost every week I am in Atlanta Airport, and in my years of traveling I have never ever gotten off the train onto the wrong concourse. I realized that while I was enjoying the Lord, He led me off the train to where the man was believing to see me! I got back on the train and went to the right gate and got on the plane when it boarded. I had a nice upgrade seat in Business Class and I sat down to relax.
God Wants You to Live in Abundance: Prophecy from the Elijah List
If you think of every need you have, guess what? God wants you to have an abundance in that area. Healing should be a lifestyle. It's great to get healed and we should expect that, but to walk in His health is greater.
Everyone I talk to wants to give and support so many people—like missionaries, etc. They have a desire to bless people; to supply and help with the need of ministries and people who are struggling. Did you also know that God wants you to be deliriously happy? I don't think you would be delirious unless you were living in abundance. So, I want to tell you what God has been talking to me about.
I have seen a lot of words from Christians lately about the year of Jubilee. Most of them are related to a number of years either 25, 50 or 100. Actually, the word "Jubilee" does not particularly have to do with time but with an event or celebration. Being "Jubilant" means: "overjoyed exultant, triumphant, joyful, rejoicing, exuberant, ecstatic, thrilled, gleeful, enraptured and walking on air—seventh Heaven." There are a lot of emotions right in those words.
In the Bible (Old Testament), when THE JUBILEE occurred, it was referring to a time (fifty years) when there was a law of release put into effect. Slaves were set free, debts were forgiven, and lands and property restored. When the year of Jubilee came, of course there was great celebration (Jubilation) just like the words above. Think of all those burdens being lifted from our shoulders. Ecstatic is only one word. People who were bowed over suddenly stood straight. Those burdened by debt were released of the debt. It was indeed very good news
Fly Higher! Interact with Heaven! Come Be Refreshed In the Glory!  Come and receive impartation that will release you into the Supernatural realm. Let the Glory Fall - Glen Burnie!

Childcare (0-5) is Available Friday Night and Saturday During the Day.

Friday, February 22: 6:30pm - Registration 7:00pm - "GETTING FREE FROM RELIGIOUS MINDSETS YOU DON'T KNOW YOU HAVE"

Saturday, February 23: 9:30 AM – Registration 10:00 AM – "HOW TO RECEIVE AND WALK IN THE SUPERNATURAL" 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM – Snack Break 12:30 PM – THE MINISTRY OF ANGELS AND HEAVEN REALM 3:30 PM – PRAYER FOR EVERYONE -IMPARTATION

Sunday, February 24: 10:00am - Worship Service w/ Kathie Walters 2:30pm - Worship Service w/ Kathie Walters Revival Harvest Supernatural School Encounter Night (The Encounter Nights are open to the public) Sunday 6:30pm to 8:30pm