India Missions Trip

Redemption House Life Center will be going to India again for the 3rd. time on a Trip; January 29th thru February 11th of 2019

(An adventurous trip with Jesus )  RHLC is serious about the call of the Kingdom as many are and we go to get a Mission completed. Put on your warrior boots and let's dig into God's calling to a people who are so loved and cherished by the Father. Dear Lord,  Help us to be your hands and your feet, your mouth and most of all your Heart.  What makes a Missions Trip? It is the exciting relationship with Daddy to bring all people to Salvation and Love to the Father.

  We will be going to churches, orphanages and praying for the sick everywhere we go. On the last trip, there was many healings, deliverances and miracles which happened right before our eyes. We ask for MORE Lord. We surrender to Your call and to a group of people that are Loved completely by you.

We also have started a house church in India 2 years ago that we will visit while we are there. One of the orphanages that we minister to was in need of an AC unit system. We were able to take up a offering and supply the need. The AC unit was needed because they had no air and some children had passed away due to the heat. We must go and continue to help all Nations and America.   We Must!!

We are asking for prayers from all of YOU!!! The contact person for all of our trips is Theresa Bader (Mission Coordinator @ RHLC).

25 Year Anniversary Toronto Blessing Live Viewing @ RHLC

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Toronto Blessing 25 Year Anniversary

January 24-25, 2019

7:00pm-10:00pm nightly

Redemption House Life Center will be livestreaming this conference on January 24-25, 2019 from 7:00-10:00pm. Come join us for this powerful anniversary of the Toronto Blessing!

Revival 25 Conference is a new dawn. It’s an invitation to partake in a global team huddle of visionaries convened by the Holy Spirit. It’s training camp for the next generation of Kingdom leaders, architects and creators. It’s an unleashing ground to receive the Holy Spirit anointing and empowering for your calling. In January of 1994, this little church of 360 regular members met on the end of a runway at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. It quickly came to the world's attention as a place where God chose to meet with His people as the Holy Spirit poured out in unprecedented ways. As a result of this divine visitation, the members of what was at that time the Toronto Airport Vineyard were thrust into ministry to thousands of people worldwide. What was originally planned as a series of four meetings exploded into a marathon of nightly services which continued for over a decade. The revival came to be known as the Toronto Blessing, with prolific media coverage all around the world. Within the first two years alone almost one million guests had come through the doors of the church from virtually every country and denomination. Tens of thousands of people made a first time commitment to Christ and church membership has increased exponentially. The effects of the Toronto Blessing quickly became international in scope. Within a year of the outpouring, an estimated four thousand churches representing main denominations in the United Kingdom were touched by the renewal and were holding their own nightly meetings. The Toronto Blessing has spread, not only to England, but to hundreds of nations around the world and the global impact has become immeasurable.

Inheritance Prayer Conference

Inheritance Prayer Conference

January 17-20, 2019

Thurs & Fri 7:00pm

Sat 10:00am, 2:30pm, & 7:00pm

As we step into The Year Of The Harvest, 2019 will be full of powerful displays of GOD's supernatural abilities in our lives. We are diving in by discovering our Inheritance and power in prayer. Power up for this new year with Corey Russell, David Bradshaw, Carlton and Joyce Reed, Pastor Jeff and other Prayer leaders will be joining us for our Inheritance Prayer Conference January 17th thru 20th 2019!

Corey Russel has served on the senior leadership of the International House of Prayer since 2000. He travels nationally and internationally, preaching on the themes of the beauty of God, intimacy with the Holy Spirit, intercession, and the forerunner ministry.

David Bradshaw is the senior leader of Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace and Awaken the Dawn and full of passion and revelation from the secret places of prayer.


9/22/19: THE REVIVAL HARVEST SUPERNATURAL SCHOOL  ALL APPLICATIONS NEED TO BE IN BY 9/20/19 Sunday 6:30pm-8:30pm Monday 6:30pm-8:30pm

Registration is now open, if interested please contact us! It's that time of year again! Revival Harvest Supernatural School of 2019-2020

As part of our mandate to equip the Saints Ephesians 4:11, Redemption House Life Center has launched our very own Revival Harvest Supernatural School (RHSS). Our first school year was absolutely incredible. God showed up mightily as we experienced the supernatural on a mind-blowing level.

RHSS is a 1-3 year program with an opportunity for ordination based on course completion, internship completion and determination made by RHLC Pastors. Ordination will be approved by Redemption House Life Center and Life Center, our church covering, in Harrisburg, PA. If you are interested in signing up for the 2019-2020 School Year, please see Anna, Jaque, Rachelle, Pastor Tracy, or Pastor David. Classes are held on Sunday and Monday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 pm beginning on September 22, 2019. Our sessions may run over depending on the move of the Holy Spirit. We do however, want to respect everyone’s time so dismissal will be no later than 9:00 pm. The first semester classes are from September through December. The second semester will start back in January 2020 and run through May. This equipping will teach our students how to walk in the inheritance and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT! If you are looking for more in the Kingdom of GOD and want to accelerate in the plans and purposes God has for you, you don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity. RHSS will allow you to glean from some powerfully anointed speakers in a small setting where you can ask questions and receive special impartation, prayer, and prophecy. There will also be hands-on activities. Through RHSS, the Word will be sealed in your heart and memorized in your mind. When your mind and heart are one, you are truly living in the heart of the Father and Spirit. Our students will leave this school with encounters with GOD, powerful words over their life, and knowing their purpose even greater, and more. The price for the 1-3 year program is set to be affordable. There are three payment options available (see attached payment options sheet). Please do not allow the price to be a deterrent. We are partnering with the Holy Spirit and believing in faith that the financial resources will become available for everyone that has a desire to attend. We know GOD desires us to grow in every area. Sponsorship: We are asking that if you have the financial resources, please pray about and consider sponsoring a student to attend. Ask Holy Spirit what He would have you do. You may only be able to sponsor someone for one semester. If that is the case, it will be greatly appreciated and helpful.

We are excited to say we have a great class already, we thank God for every student, and the blessings that are coming forth. We want to share with all of our Kingdom family that are hungry enough to come. Let this be You, seek God and ask Him, take time for You. 💟

Serious applicants can email our team at Serious inquiries only please. APPLICATION  INFORMATION  PAYMENT INFO

Entrepreneurship Ministry Kickoff Breakfast

Saturday September 21, 2019 10:00am to 12:00pm

The kickoff for our Kingdom Entrepreneurship Ministry is here following our awesome conference. Calling all business minded people together for connection, collaboration, education, and execution. People are ready to walk in GOD's plans and HIS Fullness!!!

We will be having breakfast during our first meeting so come early ready to enjoy an amazing time!

Sons and Daughters September 2019

September 14, 2019 10:00am to 6:00pm


We want to welcome everyone who would like to come. "Yay, Yay, Yay" This class will offer several spiritual topics and will teach you who you are and what your calling is.

We will learn who we are together and what we do together for the Kingdom. We have added two more topics to the class, Salvation and Deliverance. There will also be different spiritual classes that we pray will benefit you. We have a Myers Briggs Personality Test, a 5 Fold Ministry Test, Love Language Test, and will help you develop a Personal Mission Statement. We pray that you will be able to come and join us. We look forward to seeing you. We will all have a full day in HIM. This class is designed for our sons and daughters to become valuable members of the Redemption House Life Center family. You are still welcome to come if you would like, it is a great learning tool. RHLC Staff