Open Heavens Women’s Conference 2019

October 10th-13th, 2019 Thursday 10th @ 7pm Friday @10am, 2:30pm & 7pm Saturday @ 10am, 2:30pm & 7pm Sunday @ 10am, 2:30pm & 6:30pm


Open Heavens Women’s Conference is here. Don't miss out! It is going to transform lives. You will get refreshed, empowered, and overflowing with the Peace, Love and Joy of your salvation! OHWC is a conference specifically designed to allow women of all ages and from all backgrounds to be themselves and to be free to enter the presence of HOLY SPIRIT. We set the atmosphere specifically for women to feel comfortable and relaxed so they feel safe to connect with GOD right where they’re are; whatever the need, and bring the change we all need from deep within to become the woman GOD has called us and created us to be.

The conference schedule is as follows: Thursday 7:00pm: Mary Hasz Friday 10:00am: Joyce Reed Friday 2:30pm: Cynthia Brazelton Friday 7:00pm: Katie Souza Saturday 10:00am: Kathie Walters Saturday 2:30pm: Katie Souza Saturday 7:00pm: Katie Souza Sunday 10:00 am: Katie Souza Sunday 2:30pm: Kathie Walters

**All times/schedules are subject to change based on the Holy Spirit**

Revival Harvest Supernatural School’s Encounter Night (open to the public): Sunday, October 13th, 2019 @ 6:30pm: Kim Abbott & Kathie Walters

The cost is $25/woman and $40/bring a friend. ***We have sponsored tickets for those who need it. Please contact us at, or message the Redemption House Life Center facebook page for more information.

**Childcare is available Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday morning and night.

Pastor Tracy is happy to be hosting, and to welcome Katie Souza, Kathie Walters, Cynthia Brazelton, Mary Hasz, Joyce Reed, Kim Abbott, and Rending Hearts Worship. Please stay tuned as more will be announced soon. Watch these videos of Katie HERE and HERE Description: Mercury 6G SSD:Users:robertsouza:Desktop:ZA102637861.gif Description: Mercury 6G SSD:Users:robertsouza:Desktop:Untitled.png Drenched 2 Combo


Prayer Walk

2:00pm to 5:00pm
502 Victory Way, Pasadena, MD
June 22, 2019
July 27, 2019
August 31, 2019
Join us in prayer and intercession in the community! We believe in praying for our community. We will be praying for the Glen Burnie area with a strong emphasis on miraculous encounters with our Lord Jesus.We will be going out 2:00pm to 5:00pm as a group as the Holy Spirit leads. Please meet us at Redemption House Life Center and we will go forth from there into the community to pray together!