Burn Worship



Jan 15th, 2022 

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Burn Worship Night!!!  

Join us for a special, one night only, night of Intimate Worship.  Are you ready to set this region on fire with flames that won’t ever go out? Get ready to burn for HIM Saturday noon to 9pm. Join us as we douse the alter in oil and open doors, windows, and floodgates over the area! Come for all ten hours and rest, praise, worship, and pray under the anointing and the peace, or come just for an hour or two, just don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of stirring up the atmosphere for the conference next weekend! An open, free atmosphere is important to allow the men the boosting and encouragement they need to continue to lead the charge in the Kingdom!

Worship Schedule




12:pm – 1pm Lukas Wood

1pm 1:30pm Roman

2pm – 3pm Anthony Company

3pm – 4:30pm Kris Pandohie

4:30pm – 6pm James (Guitarist) Group

6pm – 8pm Bobby Swedberg Ivan Bukhantsov

8pm – 9pm Jason n Kat

9pm 10pm Steve Sersen



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