Harvest Festival '22


October 30, 2022

Harvest Festival ’22

What’s up! It is about that time…The Cave is BACK with another night that will hit the BOOKS!!!! In 2019, we had around 500 people come and go and we are expecting greater this October! We are planning on increasing our parking space booths from 50 to 80!!! We cannot wait to see the community again and happy to call it a REUNION!!! #YEAHBUDDDDDDYYYY
The Cave presents
✦Be apart by claiming your parking space to set up a fun booth
—Set Up around 4 pm
—Community engagement 5 pm to 6:30 pm
—Call Sophia (443)-273-6199
—goal of 80 spaces
✦B-SHOC concert laser light show
—laser light show at 7:20 pm
✦CASH prizes giving to the best booth within a parking space
—$100 CASH prize for the best booth!
Current Featuring Artists:
✦Emcee & Host Pastor Freddy Flanagan
✦Ashley & Band
✦Dj Danny T
✦B-Shoc (https://www.b-shoc.com/)
Afterparty BONFIRE with FREE S’mores!
The Cave is looking to help with rides, so contact Roxy (443)-591-2109 to reserve your wheels right away. We do our very best to work it out.
Are you ready? Be there 😉.